How a Virtual Administrator Can Support Your Practice

Running a practice requires a variety of tasks and responsibilities. As a health & wellness practitioner, your focus should be on your patients and providing them expert care, not admin duties, ordering labs, or updating your social media.

Hiring a virtual administrator can take care of the details of your practice, so you can focus on what is most important – your patients

What is a virtual administrator?

A virtual administrator is an independent contractor who completes various tasks from a remote location. This can include tasks related to administration, social media, research, and more.

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The benefits of a virtual administrator

No need for physical space

Hiring myself as your virtual admin eliminates the need for an additional desk or office space. I work remotely, allowing you more space to run your practice and focus on visiting patients.

Save both time and money

Whether a small business or a large company, many business owners find they need certain tasks completed that don’t require a full-time staff member. As a virtual admin, I work independently, allowing you to hire me for long-term projects or as-needed work. This can free up your time and resources and ensure your practice runs smoothly.

Increase productivity

Instead of worrying about tasks to complete or being too busy to answer your emails, I can ensure all of your day-to-day tasks are done. Whether your struggle is marketing, administration, or organizing your client communication, I can ensure the most important things get taken care of, allowing for a more productive work environment.

Encourage growth

I can help you recognize your goals, focus on your vision, and work on the projects required to get where you want to go. As business owners, we often have ideas for growth that never come to fruition because of the day-to-day tasks of business ownership that get in the way. As your virtual admin, I can provide the support your practice needs to foster growth.

My Experience

I’ve worked in the office setting as a Medical Assistant, both administrative and clinical for 10 years. I understand what is required on the back end to run a successful practice. I also recognize what is needed to ensure your patients are cared for. When you hire me, you can ensure you have a virtual admin who is ready for the task at hand and willing to put in the work required for success.

You don’t have to do it alone.

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